středa 21. prosince 2016

From Catalonia

We are nearly to conclude the first term, we’re very busy finishing the tasks and
preparing Xmas activities.
We’re going to explain you our traditions in Catalonia.
First of all the little ones( from 3 to 8 years old) are looking for a log(We called it “tiö”)
and we feed it every day until Christmas Eve and usually covers him with a blanket so
that he will not be cold.
The story goes that in the days preceeding Christmas , children must take good care of
the log, keeping it warm and feeding it, so that bit will poop presents on Christmas Eve.
To make it defecate, one beats the “Tió” with sticks , while singing various songs of
“Tió de Nadal”.
In the school the “Tió “ defecates the last day of this term. This is a nice and
representative tradition of Catalan culture.

The “Tió” does not drop larger objects, it dose leave candies , nuts and “torrons”.

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