pondělí 3. dubna 2017

Easter in Czechia

We did  a video about Easter in the Czech republic. You can see our traditions. What are your traditions? What is different?

Cultural week

In February before Carnival we celebrated a cultural week, this year the topic was the circus. 

The students participated in different workshops and activities related to it. A Circus company called “Petit Circ” came to the school and showed us a lot of tricks and circus exercises. All the school community joined the activities and we enjoyed a lot.

Here we are going to send you some images of the cultural week.

středa 8. února 2017

Two winter poems from Catalonia

Fifth grades are performing the winter poem

Live in Catalonia

English classroom




Advent - Czech republic

In the Czech Republic is Advent four Sundays before Christmas Eve. We are experiencing various festivities. Here we drew some of these traditions. You can read about st. Nicholas, st. Barbara or four advent Sundays.

pondělí 16. ledna 2017

Antoni Brusi School Christmas Traditions

We explain you some of our Christmas activities in the school and some songs of our concert.
We wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Barcelona